Growing up on a heritage farm in rural Ontario, I developed a love of art, usually with found objects and rustics being a source for inspiration. I could be found making crafts with anything from gravel, to shells (that my grandparents brought home from Prince Edward Island), to old tractor bits, aged marbles and skeleton keys, pop bottles from decades gone by, you name it, if it could be found, I was gluing it, painting it or stringing it into something. My need for discovery and creation always found a way to mold together into something new and exciting. As a child, I could never leave the creek by our house without finding a fossil or a peddle, never take a walk along a path without looking at the ground to see what treasures I could pick up and bring home.

Fast forward to today and this is still who I am. However, since completing my studies in Jewellery Arts at George Brown in Toronto and working in the industry as a CAD jewellery designer and bench jeweller, I have taken my childhood inspirations and meshed them with the wonderful world of metalsmithing.

There is no feeling to rival the joy of creating treasures that can last lifetimes and dreaming of who will one day wear a special object crafted with love by my own hands. Those same inspirations from my childhood still inspire my designs today. If you look closely you’ll see marbles, silver spoons, rocks, Edison bulbs, and shells. You’ll find pieces that look weathered and old, pieces that shout rustic and enduring. I began Chère Époque as a statement for timeless jewellery against a tide of disposable fashions, where quality and uniqueness thrive and old becomes new, and new becomes eternal.

- Cheryl